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Ну что-то же надо делать, чтобы привести себя в тонус, вернуться к работе, к постоянному постингу на сайт и т.д? Осень, авитаминоз, лень лезет из всех щелей. Но мы боремся, трудимся, стараемся 🙂

Вот подоспел очередной наборчик из мегаполезных книг


В архиве 4 книги, все свежайшие, все в отличном качестве, все на английском. Но книги такого возраста практически все идут на языке оригинала, так что я думаю вас это пугать не должно.
И пока вы не погрузились в чтение этих книг, хотелось бы поинтересоваться, есть доска бесплатных объявлений, как сделать правильную авторизацию пользователя, чтобы исключить публикацию недостоверных данных и в тоже время позволить публиковать максимально возможные контактные данные?

Итак, вернемся к книгам, что же нас ждет внутри?

— Expert Oracle GoldenGate. Ben Prusinski, Steve Phillips, Richard Chung
Издательство: Apress
Год: 2011
Формат: pdf

Expert Oracle GoldenGate is a hands-on guide to creating and managing complex data replication environments using the latest in database replication technology from Oracle. GoldenGate is the future in replication technology from Oracle, and aims to be best-of-breed. GoldenGate supports homogeneous replication between Oracle databases. It supports heterogeneous replication involving other brands such as Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2 Universal Server. GoldenGate is high-speed, bidirectional, highly-parallelized, and makes only a light impact on the performance of databases involved in replication.

The authors share their experience in the form of tutorials on designing and implementing all types of Oracle GoldenGate environments. You’ll learn methods for tuning Oracle GoldenGate performance. You’ll discover GoldenGate’s utility as a migration and extract, transform, load (ETL) tool. You’ll learn to configure highly-available environments involving GoldenGate, Real Application Clusters, and Data Guard. From installation to design to implementation and troubleshooting, Expert Oracle GoldenGate helps you master all aspects of using and applying Oracle GoldenGate as the replication tool of choice in your environment.

— Oracle Streams 11g Data Replication. Kirtikumar Deshpande
Издательство: McGrаw-H.ill Osbоrne Mеdia
Год: 2010
Формат: PDF

Enable real-time information access and data sharing across your distributed framework using the expert information in this Oracle Press guide. Oracle Streams 11g Data Replication explains how to set up and administer a unified enterprise data sharing infrastructure. Learn how to capture, propagate, and apply database changes, transform data, and handle data conflicts. Monitoring, optimizing, and troubleshooting techniques are also covered in this comprehensive volume.
— Understand Oracle Streams components and architecture
— Gain in-depth knowledge about capturing, propagating, and applying data manipulation language (DML) and data definition language (DDL) changes
— Learn how to access and modify the contents of Logical Change Records
— Build custom procedures for data transformations
— Configure Oracle Streams replication for the database, schemas, and tables
— Tune Oracle Streams performance for improved throughput
— Manage and monitor Oracle Streams using Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control
— Learn from several practical examples and scripts

— Oracle 11g Streams Implementers Guide. Ann L. R. McKinnell, Eric Yen
Издательство: Packt Publishing
Год: 2010
Формат: PDF

The book does not attempt to regurgitate all the information in the Oracle Streams Administration Guides, but rather provides additional clarification and explanation of design, implementation, and troubleshooting concepts that are often elusive in Streams documentation. It also identifies helpful tools and Oracle resources to add to your knowledge base, as well as tried and tested tricks and tips to help you tame Oracle Streams.

The book starts by introducing and explaining the components of Oracle Streams and how they work together. It then moves on logically, helping you to determine your distributed environment requirements and design your Streams implementation to meet those requirements. Once these concepts are discussed, the book moves to configuration and basic implementation examples to help solidify those concepts. It then addresses advanced features such as tags, down-stream capture, and conflict resolution. You then move on to maintenance techniques such as documenting the environment, effectively planning and implementing changes to the environment, and monitoring and troubleshooting the environment. When you have studied the techniques and completed the hands-on examples, you will have an understanding of Oracle Streams’ core concepts and functionally that will allow you to successfully design, implement, and maintain an Oracle Streamed environment.

What you will learn from this book
* Clear, concise explanations of Oracle Streams components and concepts
* Up-front design considerations and techniques – know what you need BEFORE you start building
* Configure both Source and Target databases to support Streams capture, propagation, and apply processes
* Set up a Single-Source Configuration using the Enterprise manager DB Console to divert flow in one direction and apply its concepts to a multi-master, or N-Way Replication environment configuration
* Solidify your Streams concepts through basic implementation examples that can then be applied to more complicated systems
* Learn about popular advanced features of Oracle Streams including Subsetting, Tags, Rules, and Rule based transformations
* Discover effective and efficient troubleshooting techniques and tools

— Oracle GoldenGate 11g Implementer’s guide. John P Jeffries
Издательство: Packt Publishing
Год: 2011
Формат: PDF

Design, install, and configure high-performance data replication solutions using Oracle GoldenGate
The very first book on GoldenGate, focused on design and performance tuning in enterprise-wide environments
Exhaustive coverage and analysis of all aspects of the GoldenGate software implementation, including design, installation, and advanced configuration
Migrate your data replication solution from Oracle Streams to GoldenGate
Design a GoldenGate solution that meets all the functional and non-functional requirements of your system
Written in a simple illustrative manner, providing step-by-step guidance with discussion points
Goes way beyond the manual, appealing to Solution Architects, System Administrators and Database Administrators
In Detail
Data replication is an important part of any database system that is growing due to today’s demand for real-time reporting and regulatory requirements. GoldenGate has recently become Oracle’s strategic real-time data replication solution. Until now, very little has been written about how to implement GoldenGate in a production enterprise environment where performance, scalability, and data integrity are paramount.
Your days of dismay over the lack of documentation over Oracle GoldenGate are over.
Welcome to Oracle GoldenGate 11g Implementer’s guide — a comprehensive practical book, which will deliver answers to your questions in a clear, concise style, allowing you to progress effectively in a timeline-driven environment. Based on the author’s own experience, this long awaited GoldenGate administration book has all that is required to install, design, configure, and tune data replication solutions suited to every environment. Be the first to master GoldenGate’s power and flexibility by reading this unique hands-on implementation companion.
Systems need to send data from one system to another in a timely manner to satisfy the ever-increasing need for speed. Regardless of whether you are a novice or an expert — or someone in between — this book will guide you through all the steps necessary to build a high-performance GoldenGate solution on Oracle11gR1. Expert users can dive into key topic areas such as performance tuning or troubleshooting, while novice users can step through the early installation and configuration chapters, later progressing to the advanced chapters.
This book is more than an implementation guide. It offers detailed real-life examples, encouraging additional thought and discussion by going beyond the manual.
With Oracle GoldenGate 11g Implementer’s guide in hand, you’ll be designing, installing, and configuring high-performance solutions using GoldenGate in less time than you can say «replicate»
What you will learn from this book
Deliver high-speed data replication solutions
Implement robust Disaster Recovery solutions
Migrate applications with no data loss or downtime
Configure GoldenGate for High Availability and Scalability
Troubleshoot and solve data replication problems, including Conflict Handling and Error Detection
Write your own GoldenGate macros and enhancements
Configure multi-target replication from a single-source database
Configure bi-directional replication
Report on your data throughput and latency
Tune GoldenGate for high performance
Learn about the advanced features and techniques that make GoldenGate the preferred choice in data replication
More than just a step-by-step guide, this book offers examples, tips, and tricks that are all discussed in detail, providing the reader with the knowledge and confidence to implement them. Supporting diagrams, illustrations, and screenshots promote understanding and enhance the overall reading experience.
The author’s onsite experience in implementing Oracle GoldenGate in the financial sector is thoroughly reflected in this book.
Who this book is written for
This book is for Solution Architects and Database Architects who wish to learn about the functionality and efforts required in implementing a data replication, migration or integration solution using GoldenGate. It is also designed for System Administrators and Database Administrators who want to implement, or those who have already implemented, Goldengate and who want to explore its advanced features. An intermediate understanding of Oracle database technology is assumed.

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