Networking Bible

Whether you’re setting up a global infrastructure or just networking two computers at home, understanding of every part of the process is crucial to the ultimate success of your system. This comprehensive book is your complete, step-by-step guide to networking—from different architectures and hardware to security, diagnostics, Web services, and much more. Packed with practical, professional techniques and the very latest information, this is the go-to resource you need to succeed.

* Demystify the basics: network stacks, bus architectures, mapping, and bandwidth
* Get up to speed on servers, interfaces, routers, and other necessary hardware
* Explore LANs, WANs, Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, and other types of networks
* Set up domains, directory services, file services, caching, and mail protocols
* Enable broadcasting, multicasting, and streaming media
* Deploy VPNs, firewalls, encryption, and other security methods
* Perform diagnostics and troubleshoot your systems


Название: Networking Bible
Автор: Barrie Sosinsky
Год: 2009
Форматы: PDF
Страниц: 912
Размер: 17 MB
Качество: хорошее
Из-во: Wiley

Пользуясь моментом спрошу, а не подскажете где самая качественная установка дверей? А то приспичило, и хотелось бы знать достоверно


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