Обновленная Hyena

Обновилась до версии 8.0

Итак, что нового?

Now Available for the x64 Platform

Hyena v8.0 is the first release built to support the 64-bit platform. Take advantage of the full potential of the 64-bit processor and Windows 64-bit components, especially for large-scale Active Directory projects. To upgrade to any 64-bit version, simply download and install the 64-bit version (English, French, German, or Spanish).

Support for Windows 2008 Fine-Grained Password Policies

Windows 2008 introduced a great new feature for creating multiple levels of password policies. Unfortunately, there isn’t any direct GUI interface in Windows to manage these new policies…until now!.

Improved Remote Desktop Integration

Hyena can now directly access the built-in Remote Desktop (RD) client without the need for custom tools. Moreover, the options used can be completely customized for any RD configuration.

Other Changes

Event Time Offsets — Showing events using an offset filter allows an interval of time to be specified instead of a definitive starting and ending time. Offset settings can be aa set internal of days, hours, or minutes.

Improved Active Directory Attribute Management — The attribute editor of the Manage Directory Attribute function can now be directly accessed for a single attribute for one or more selected objects in any AD query. For example, to modify the logon script of one or more users, execute an AD query that contains the ‘scriptPath’ attribute. Select one or more users, then right click somewhere in the column area of the logon script attribute in the right window. The menu option will be titled Modify ‘Script’. Hyena will then display the attribute editor and allow updating the logon script attribute.

Additionally, the resulting view from the ‘View All Directory Attributes’ function has been improved to also support modification of any attribute displayed.

General Improvements:

Enabled viewing and terminating sessions from multiple servers and/or terminal server sessions.

All executables, including hyena.exe, hyena_x64.exe, and stexport.exe (Exporter Pro) are now digitally signed.

Enabled adding/removing groups to other groups through the context menu (previously only available for users and computers).

Changed the View Computer dialog to allow removing entries.

Added support for using the keyboard ‘Browser Back’ and ‘Browser Forward’ buttons and mouse X1/X2 buttons for displaying the previous / next views when in the right window.

Added a new context menu option for the main Registry object in Hyena’s left window that can be used to toggle the x64ForceWindowsRegistry advanced setting. See the Advanced Settings topic for more information.

Added a selection counter on the status bar whenever the number of selected objects in Hyena’s right window changed.

Changed the logic used to format times when viewing event log date/times. Times will now be shown for past events based on the status of daylight savings time (DST) at the time the event occurred, rather than the present DST settings.

Bug Fixes:

Updated the Shutdown function for computers to recognize the new «Shutdown is Scheduled» error so that a shutdown could be terminated on Windows 2008 and later operating systems.

When copying (Edit->Copy) a single entry to the clipboard, Hyena will no longer add an ending CR/LF.

Забираем 32-битную версию или 64-битную

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